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Nick Jones and Diana Cruz

Tango and Fusion Dance Workshop Weekend

Friday March 27 - Sunday March 29

Nick Jones and Diana Cruz Tango & Fusion workshop weekend March 27th-29th

The concept of our Tango/Blues classes is to give dancers the tools, vocabulary and techniques to accomplish movements from tango and integrate them into their blues. Hopefully each dancer can take this information and use it as is and/or experiment with it to create their own movements!
All Tango dancers are welcome to all classes.
All Blues dancers are welcome to all classes (though the “Tango Structure” and “Tango Technique” class are highly suggested).

Friday 6pm to 9pm Dance 9pm to midnight

Friday 6pm to 9pm

6 pm (Tango Structure~) One could think of structure as grammar for language or music theory for music. Structure is the tool we use to compose steps and dances, to remember what we have done and to lead and follow clearly. It is a necessary, if hidden part of the tango!

7:15pm (Integrating Sacadas into Blues~)Like adding Whiskey to you’re your Soda, Sacadas will make everything more interesting! The dialogue between Tango and Blues is potentially endless. Sacadas seem to be a natural bridge between the two dances. Find out how they work, which ones are easily accessible and which ones are stunningly unexpected.

Saturday 2pm to 6pm Dance 8pm to midnight

2 pm (Tango Technique~) Mechanics for beautiful movement. Breaking down the movement of the body individually allows the building of deeper muscle memory. Once we accomplish the movements alone, we then work on integrating that movement with you partner. Thus achieving a higher level of dancing!

3:15 pm (Sexy Boleos~) Whip… Whip it good! Few movements are as eye-catchingly delicious as a nice Boleo. Find out not only the mechanics of the movement, how to integrate it into your dance, but how to make it shine!

4:30 pm(Drag Blues vs. Quebradas!~) Sometimes it seems that back in the murky past there were blues dancers and tango dancers in the same room exchanging ideas. (which is possible, since there were many tango dancers living in NYC in the early 1900’s) Quebradas are one of the earliest “forbidden” tango movements, and are Very reminiscent of Drag Blues. In this class we will explore Quebradas the different possibilities of Quebradas in Tango & Blues.

Sunday 2pm to 6pm Dance 8pm to 12:30 AM

2 pm (Volcadas~) Volcadas are one of the few “Shared Axis” movements in Tango and can be used to create numberless variations. We will explore some of the possibilities with these movements; more importantly, we will explore how to do them comfortably and freely!

3:15 pm (Soltada Spins~) Break the embrace, not the connection… hmmm…

4:30 pm(Ganchos, Different Dynamics~) Explore the positions, timing and possibilities.


Early bird rate (limited number) $75 for All 8 classes 3 dances (before 3/13)

Normal online rate for All 8 classes 3 dances

$95 ** door will be $110**

Early bird Friday pass 2 classes one dance $35 (till 3/13)

Normal online rate for Sat or Sun DAY pass $50 ** door will be $60**

online one class $15 Door price $22

Student/low income weekend for All 8 classes 3 dances $50 ** must contact Dan Hunny Printz before purchase**

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