The Firehouse 5

Lucas Weismann

Blues & Fusion Saturday - Sunday Workshops

Saturday June 20th - Sunday June 21st

Saturday: June 20th

1pm - Blues Fundamentals

This is probably the best place for us to start. Frame, Connection, Turns, Walking. All things that will be familiar to you by the end of the class.

2pm - Lyrical Connection

What do you do when the beat drops out of a song for a moment? Or what about those songs that donít have a back beat? Or maybe the song does have a beat, but that violin over the top of it is what really moves you? Well you dance to that awesome melody, of course. In the world of lyrical dancing, weíll explore some connection and movement techniques to allow you to really dance to that haunting melody.

3pm - Navel Gazing and the Way of the Lazy Follow

Empty your mind and become one with the core of your partnerís being. Learn to dance gracefully, floating along a stream of music and energy. Above all, donít fight the current.

Sunday: June 21st

1pm - Steal This Move

Mediocre artists borrow, great artists steal. In this class, weíll work together as a group to take basic movements, both solo and partnered and add changes and layers to build them up into something awesome.

2pm - Lego your Preconceptions

Have you ever seen a workshop class schedule and wondered what it would be like to learn 125 moves in one hour without being overwhelmed? Are you wondering now? Come to our class and see!

3pm - Crimes Against Dance

Learn how to be sensitive to other peopleís dance preferences. We all have certain taboos or personal preferences we may not be aware of. We may also not be aware of them in other people; leading to disaster. Take this class to learn how to deal with or avoid these situations.

$35 for one day in advance

$60 for both days in advance

$40 at the door for one day

$75 at the door for both days

$60 Saturday & Sunday Blues & Fusion Workshops ALL 6 CLASSES with Lucas Weismann

$35 SATURDAY Blues & Fusion workshop 3 CLASSES with Lucas Weismann

$35 SUNDAY Blues & Fusion workshop 3 CLASSES with Lucas Weismann

Announcing the The Firehouse 5 dance workshop for June!Blues & Fusion with Lucas Weismann!First 10 people that prepay will get the dance free!

Posted by The Firehouse 5 on Wednesday, June 3, 2015

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