The Firehouse 5

Jeannie Lin

Tango Saturday and Blues Sunday Workshop

Saturday May 30 - Sunday May 31

Saturday Tango: May 30th

1pm - Tango Thievery: Stealing from Tango

Fiery, Sensuous, Dynamic, Elegant, Alluring. In this class, we'll be stealing some of the finest qualities of tango to integrate into your own dancing. After studying an assortment of tango movements and concepts, we'll be creatively adapting these movements to make them our own. Dance with the best from both worlds.

2pm - Windmill Patterns

In this class, we'll examine the rotational pattern most commonly danced in Argentine Tango. We'll dissect it, break it apart, and then put it together with our own creative twist, ending up with a multitude of new ideas for rotation. These rotations look effortlessly smooth on the dance floor, once the technique is in place.

3pm - Sneaky Leg Wraps

Allow your legs to get tangled up in this class as we explore the secrets of how to gracefully execute these intricate leg wraps from Argentine tango. At their best, leg wraps are a beautiful and sensual movement. Done without training, however, this could easily result in a messy heap of legs and feet.

Sunday Blues: May 31st

1pm - Using the Force

For some reason we get the idea that we need some amount of force between ourselves in order to initiate a movement with a partner. In fact, we donít even need to touch them to dance with them. Another way to say this is: Empty your mind and become one with the core of your partner's being. Learn to dance gracefully, floating along a stream of music and energy.

2pm - Everything You Need To Know About Turns

Everything You Need To Know About Turns In this class we will break down the structure of a turn, starting from how to prep the body for the turning action. We'll learn the difference between spot turns and traveling turns while practicing the techniques that make turns graceful and effortless.

3pm - Everyone Wants to Be a Cat

Never a step out of place, always landing on your feet. Don't forget the secret of "I meant to do that." After all, 'a cat's the only cat who knows where it's at!'

$35 for one day in advance

$60 for both days in advance

$40 at the door for one day

$75 at the door for both days

$60 Saturday Tango & Sunday Blues workshops all 6 classes with Jeannie Lin

$35 Saturday Tango workshop with Jeannie Lin

$35 Sunday Blues workshop with Jeannie Lin

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