About The Firehouse 5: Mission Statement

The Firehouse 5 was started in downtown Sacramento by Chris Peake and Dan Printz as a venue to provide dance instruction and a venue to dance for all styles including blues, tango, salsa, and swing.

History of The Firehouse 5

The Firehouse 5 was built as a fire station originally. Once Chris Peake and Dan Printz acquired it, a wood floor was installed, DJ booth put in, and blues fusion was started every Sunday since.

Later, a wood floor was installed in a second room in the back and two floors of dancing was born.

The Firehouse 5 Staff

Dan Printz

Contact me at danprintz@gmail.com

Co-owner, dance instructor, Has been dancing for since 1998. Starting out with Lindy Hop, then west coast and blues, as well as Tango. I love the idea of a ever evolving dance, to me that is what Fusion is. learning new tools to have more interesting dance conversations with the person you're dancing with and keenly listening to the music that all partners find their inspiration. This is why I co-founded Firehouse 5.

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